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President's 2012 Annual Meeting Report
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2012

Annual Meeting

The meeting was held at the Del Mar Hilton on Oct 13, 2012 at 11:00AM. Four candidates stood for election but one candidate, Mr. David Ronald, resigned prior to the meeting and after the ballots were sent out. Any votes that were cast for Mr. Ronald would have been valid, based on our Attorneys opinion. After the votes were counted the following two people were elected to the Board:
Ed Cramer was the largest vote getter followed by Steve Snyder.
Board Meeting
Following the Annual Meeting, the new Board held a regular quarterly meeting. The following Officers were elected: Bil Butts, President; Stuart Rosenberg, Vice President; Steven Snyder, CFO; Scott Gray, Secretary. Ed Cramer was designated Member at Large.
The main topic of the meeting was to decide on what expenditures would be made during the January Maintenance weeks.
The Major items to be accomplished are:
New beds and linens will go into all Studios, 1 BR, and 2 BR units. The 1 & 2 Bedroom units will have the Queen beds replaced with California King beds. Unfortunately the 1 Bedroom units 30 & 31 will stay as Queen beds because it is not possible to accommodate King beds and still have an end table on each side of the bed.
The 'A' building (northern-most 2 story building) will be re-roofed with the same tile used on the bluff top buildings. This building has a flat roof in its center which was replaced 10 years ago. There was a solar panel array for pool heating in the flat area of this roof but it deteriorated and was removed at that time. It may be possible to install a solar heating system of some type in the future.
We are also going to look into using a solar array to power our Pool and Spa pumps in order to significantly reduce our electrical costs.
A Maintenance committee and Audit committee were authorized by the Board to be formed. Scott and Steve will coordinate these efforts.
Stuart has been authorized to consult with our Attorney to see how we might change our bylaws to allow members to directly vote for Board members instead of the proxy system which the bylaws dictate be used. The Election committee rejected 15% of the ballots because they were not properly filled; fortunately the results of the election were not affected by these rejected ballots. In a direct vote, one will have as many votes as there are Board seats up for election, and the member will simply mark a ballot much as happens in State and Federal elections. The current system of voting but having to assign a proxy to vote how you have marked your ballot is confusing to many. In any case any change to the bylaws has to be approved by the membership. After the January Board meeting the members will be apprised of the possible changes.
Bil Butts
President, Wave Crest Owners Association


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