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Interior Upgrades - Survey Results
Posted on Apr 30th, 2012

Wavecrest Homeowners:
The Board wants to thank the owners for their tremendous response to our survey request. We received over 585 survey responses, well over ½ of our 1100 +/- owners. We have many multi-week owners.
The owners provided thoughtful feedback on sketches. The overwhelming majority felt that the design proposal was not in keeping with our beach resort, was far too formal, too expensive, and generally did not provide a warm and welcoming environment.
The feedback showed an even split as to whether we should proceed with any redecorating or not. Counting owners they were 55% - 45% in favor including those who felt that a 20% increase was too much. Counting weeks owned though tipped the balance to approx. 55% NO and 45% YES. Those opposed to redecorating felt any increase in assessments would be a significant hardship, and even amongst those in favor or redecorating, nearly 1/3 felt that a 20% increase was too high.
At our April 21st meeting, based on the survey feedback and a detailed budget review for 2012/2013, the board decided to forgo any redecorating project.  Over the last 3 years, the board has undertaken the task of redoing the roofs at our property. This has created significant financial pressure on our budget as we have tried to complete this without increasing assessments. In order to complete re-roofing (we are approximately 50% complete), a modest assessment increase of 5% will be required and as a result no funds were available for interior redecorating.
As we move through the 2012/2013 year, the board will carefully evaluate our spending and if there is any opportunity, will undertake minor projects in our units to increase their comfort and appeal. Future Wavecrest Homeowners Boards will likely re-evaluate  interior redecorating upon completion of the current roofing project in 2015. Yet to be finished is the re-roofing of Buildings A and C as well as the Office/Community Room.
We want to thank you again for your enthusiastic feedback; we were overwhelmed with the pride of ownership expressed by the responses. Please feel free to contact your board at any time regarding questions, issues or suggestions on improving Wavecrest. Send mail to the Board at Wavecrest PO Box 2283, Del Mar CA, 92014.
Bil Butts
Wavecrest Homeowners Association


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